World silver medalist Joe McFarland and Masters World Champion Dave Mills combine forces to show you how to turn a 1-point escape into 3,5,6 points or even a pin! This DVD also instructs advanced youth wrestlers how to not only stop singles and doubles, but how to score bonus points. 

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1. Stand up- more than a 1 point move 

2. Champions stand-up 

3. Stand-up to double leg 

4. Stand-up to 2-on-1, high shelf finish 

5. Stand-up, single leg, opposite side cradle 

6. Stand-up, arm drag, turk finish 

7. Stand-up, duck under 

8. Stand-up, Metzger finish 

9. Stand-up, switch, ½ finish 

10. Stand-up, cross-arm switch 

11. Power switch, to tight waist tilt 

12. Sit out, turn in (Steve Luke) 

13. Sit out, opponent follows, knee under, stand up 

14. Cross arm roll, reverse half 

15. Granby kip 

16. Clearing a trapped ankle 

17. Deep waist near side ankle 

18. Knee slide out 

Takedown Counters:

19. Single leg, on mat, head inside (push off hips go behind) 

20. Single leg on mat, head outside, butt drag finish 

21. Single leg, on mat, head inside, staple hip 

22. High crotch defense, block head and arm 

23. Head in between, legs 

24. Head in between, arm grab 

25. Single leg off mat, head inside 

26. Single leg-off mat, head outside 

27. Defending the high crotch, crackdown position 

28. Clearing out of underhooks

29. Defending leg