University of Michigan Head Coach Joe McFarland and 2 time Nationa Coach of the Year Dave Mills team up to show your wrestlers how to seamlessly transition from setup to takedown to breakdown to pin! (Over 30 takedowns!)

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1. Match starts before contact is made 

2. Set-ups for step of champions 

3. Step of champions 

4. Step of champions, spiral to cross-wrist ride 

5. Step of champions, turk finish 

6. Step of champions, crackdown, pass the knee 

7. Step of champions, crackdown, swim to head 

8. Step of champions, leg off mat, heel block, arm turk to navy - ½ 

9. Step of champions, leg outside, inside thigh pry, bottom leg cradle 

10. Step of champions-double finish across, Schultz finish w/overhook 

11. Step of champions-double finish across, Schultz finish w/leg turk 

12. Sweep single-walk around finish, single wing to pin 

13. Sweep single-shelf finish, navy ride tilt 

14. Sweep single-opp. wizzers, limp arm out, tilt 

15. Back door finishes, pull, pop 

16. Back door finishes, Churella finish 


17. Drop duck under, lift, tilt 

18. Near side duck under-body lock 

19. Opposite side duck under-body lock 

20. Snap down (cross hand), shuck, tight waist, laces, tilt 

21. Snap down (underhook), circle behind, both legs in, power ½ 

22. Snap down (underhook), head in hole cradle 

23. Snap down (straight), spin, laces, tight waist, Mills ½ 

24. Over under, paddle out, rotate to back 

25. Metzger 

26. Arm drag, go behind, chicken wing 

27. Arm drag, w/head behind opp. arm, double off ½ 

28. Fireman’s carry 

29. Fireman’s carry from 2 on 1 

30. Blast double leg- ½ nelson finish 

31. High crotch, opponent has underhook, lift, spin, double, ½ 

32. Standing singleton to pin