Brent Metcalf - Front Headlock


Brent Metcalf - Front Headlock


Brent Metcalf 2X NCAA Champion, 3X World Team Member and Dan Hodge Trophy Winner will show you Front Head Lock techniques, snap-downs and finishes that allowed him to score at will on his opponents. Metcalf also covers off season training, weight cutting, and end of the season peaking. Brent lays out a road map to success for champion wrestlers. A must for every wrestler, parent, and coach 

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• Front Headlock Snap-Down Drill
• Front Headlock Position
• Hand in the Hole Finish
• Head in the Hole Finish
• Head in the Hole Cradle
• Snap, Run the Corner
• Knee Tap
• Front Headlock from the Feet Dresser Dump
• Front Headlock Double Leg

• Melcalf Trivia
• Interview Topics...
~ Off-Season
~ Weight Cutting
~ End of Season Peaking