Brent Metcalf - High Crotch


Brent Metcalf - High Crotch


Brent Metcalf, 2X NCAA Champion, 3X World Team Member, and Dan Hodge Trophy Winner will show you Hi-Crotch set-ups and finishes that helped make him one of the most dominant wrestlers in the country over the past decade. Filmed in the Iowa wrestling room, Metcalf brings that Iowa INTENSITY that is needed for building champion wrestlers. A must for every wrestler, parent and coach. 

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• High Crotch Finishing Position
• High Crotch Cut-Across Double Leg
• High Crotch Dump
• High Crotch Windmill
• High Crotch Fake Dump
• Knee Slide Drill
• Crack-Down Prevention
• Crack-Down Head Across Finish
• Crack-Down Ankle Lift Finish
• Crack-Down Inside Leg Hook Finish
• High Crotch Peak-Out Finish
• Arm Pass-High Crotch
• Post High Crotch
• Opposite Arm Post, High Crotch
• Snap, High Crotch